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= Autumn Links: Music =

Fall Moods, October Candles. Here are a few random, favorite links I have chosen because they mean Fall to me, in one way or another. Think of them as falling, like leaves, not in any initial order for now. How are they Fall? By analogy, here is a metaphor. One may burn the same candle in any month of the year. In January it may be a winter candle, in May a spring candle, or in August a summer candle. But the same candle, burning in October, is an Autumn Candle. And remember: all of literature and music is the love story. All of life is the love story. It's all there is: struggling ascent, blaze of passion, long afterglow… Here are just a handful of random fireworks, all favorites of mine; I like to think some sparks of these glow on in my poetry and fiction.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony 40 & 41 as I was writing On Saint Ronan Street and other works in Kaiserslautern around 1976.
Maurice Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess
Erik Satie: Gymnopaedies (Paris)
Léo Delibes: Flower Duet—Lakmé 1883 opera; hauntingly used in 2007 French SF film Chrysalis

From Across the Sea

Telgrafin Tellerine—Singer: Zara, born 1976; Turkish; folk tune, sung with passion and beauty. Strongly inspired my Empire of Time SF novel Moon Berry Wine (whose original title was Tellerine), although as usual Cordwainer Smith's and other literary works added dimension. Folk story title means 'The birds on the telegraph wires.' a translation (I take your word for it; don't know Turkish). Love the music.
Telgrafin Tellerine—Singer: Ahmet Kaya (Turkish-Kurdish; tragically died age 43). Melancholy and beautiful rendition (particular to the death scene in Moon Berry Wine).

Jean-Luc Godard: Alphaville (opening)—Lemmy Caution, secret agent, 'drives' across space in a Ford Galaxy; très metaphorique.


Lauryn Hill: That Thing
Era Istrefi: Bonbon
Rihanna: Work, Work, Work
Drop City Yacht Club: Crickets
Edwyn Collins: A Girl Like You
TLC: Creep

That Girl—Kungs & Cooking on 3 Burners; many versions of this new standard from Melbourne, Australia. I lead with this particular video because the young couple exemplify the love story: raw, real, young, beautiful, meteoric, archetypal. Another fine version: Mel Sugar, Kungs. The original came from Kylie Auldist in Melbourne, Australia with her group(s); here she is: Kylie Auldist—original This Girl from Australia; Wikipedia; website.

The Point. I love the music that fills our life & times with the same sort of passion I bring to my writing, and take away from my favorite authors; who are many. On the SF side, my all-time favorite is Cordwainer Smith—Paul Linebarger, 1913-1966; The Planet Buyer plus short stories. Small but stellar life's work. Ray Bradbury, A. E. Van Vogt. Alfred Bester. I'll name others soon.

Authors/Poets. Many influences for me, including Catullus, Ovid, Homer, Bible, Dante, Boccaccio, Shakespeare, Defoe, Dickens, Poe, Henry James, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Jorge Luis Borges, too many to even name. I'll provide more info in the future, meaning how I perceive them, how they influenced my work. Personal all time favorite: The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon (1966); influenced my novel YANAPOP.

To be continued…


Note: My Poetry. I wrote poetry from childhood, primarily ages 14-27. My chief influences were Cool Jazz with all of its nuances (cool; like down, man; no, downer than that; low down, way down, say down and stay down); also poets I really liked, e.g., Sappho, Psalmist, Song of Solomon (see Moon Berry Wine for a recent nod to 6:4 "You are… beautiful as Jerusalem, majestic as an army under billowing banners; 5 Look away, your eyes shatter me;" after NLT), Catullus, Edgar Allan Poe, W. H. Auden, T. S. Eliot, the Imagists, William Carlos Williams, Bob Dylan, Pablo Neruda, and more. I'll try to make a list of names sometime. I always loved both old & contemporary; not faddish but just what struck me the right way. As predicted in a German Lit class with Prof. Uhlig at UConn when I was about 19, I ran out of rocket fuel around age 27 (burnout age for rock rockets too; I didn't die but turned to prose, bringing all that rich sauce to the feast).

Cool Jazz: Genius

John Coltrane: Equinox (1962)
Alice Coltrane—wife of John ColtraneWikipedia (b1937 d2007)
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue (1959)
Pharao Sanders: Harvest Time
Dave Brubeck: Take Five
Ahmad Jamal: live jam
Herbie Hancock: On Green Dolphin Street


Bellini: Samba do Janeiro


Vangelis: Love Theme from Blade Runner

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